one of my favorite bands is MuteMath. they have a really unique alternative/electronic/rock sound with insightful lyrics and crazy live shows. in fall 2011, they announced a remix contest of their title track off the album ‘Odd Soul’.  i was up for the challenge and spent three weeks working on the remix, even putting in time on the bus and lightrail from work, which is where the remix name is derived. i’d never done a remix before but really enjoyed it. i think i captured the epic, machine-driven sound that built minute by minute that i was hoping for. after submitting my remix, it gained a lot of plays and downloads on SoundCloud. a month later, i was notified by the band that i placed third in the contest, which warranted me some band merch and free tickets to a show and backstage pass. a few months later, i saw MuteMath play in milwaukee and was able to meet the band.

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