this song came about by accident and then evolved into something that i couldn’t really explain as it was happening. as this song was forming, the doubts and negativity about what i was writing circled until they created this kind of writer’s block. it was my own pursuit of perfection, my inner critic that was hindering my creativity. so i clung to what was good about this song and went with it, allowing myself to explore. doubt and negativity and darkness is inevitable. this song is about clinging to the place where you know the goodness and light can be found.

this song is broken into three different sections but is meant to be listened to as a whole. individual tracks are available here.

embers roll and flicker red
inside my head, inside my head
fear kills off the light that’s left
inside my head, inside my head

find a place
where light can break
into the night

light breaks around us, around us
surround us, surround us